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Skip the planning with our vacation offers in Gozo!

You can book a room in our B&B and we will show you our favourite spots on the island, prepare dinner with local products. You will leave Gozo completely relaxed. 

We got a package for every taste and time. Choose what suits you best.

You can stay for a week of full pleasure in spring and automn or come over for a 4-day escape anytime. If you need a weekend break book your relaxing weekend for two including a beautiful dinner with the best produce the island has to offer.

Find out more about our packages: 

1 – week full pleasure package in spring and automn

4 – days escape to Gozo

A relaxing weekend in Gozo for two

Would you like to do something special during your holidays?

Tell us what you would like to do and we make it possible

Yoga retreat Our last yoga retreat took place from 25th May to 2nd June 2019.

Write us to stay up-to-date for the next retreat in 2020.

Individually planned yoga retreats are also possible.

Retreat with daily Yoga sessions, hikes around the island and delicious, homemade food. We have it all organized for you all you got to do is relax and enjoy.  The course language can be German or English

Art – Pilates – Pleasure

New concept! The trip takes place from 16th May to 23rd May 2020. Combine creativity and movement for a week that awakens your body, mind and soul.

Write us an email for more details.

Dance retreat – Improvisation in nature Spring 2019, exact date coming soon!

For everyone who wants to explore Gozo and dance at some of the most scenic locations of the island. We will dance & improvise in nature with our teacher Irene van Zeeland and you can explore the island and simply enjoy.

Pilates retreat 5th to 12th October 2019

with daily Pilates sessions, hikes around the island and delicious, homemade food. We have it all organized for you all you got to do is relax and enjoy. The course language is German.

Move, cook & enjoy. Explore the variety of Mediterranean food and wine. We will go shopping together, develop ideas of what to cook and then prepare the meals together. Get to know the local vineyards, explore the island on foot and simply enjoy life! Let’s set a date together!

Stress-free: If you really need to work on a certain project but there are too many distractions at home. We can offer you a package with good food and beautiful accomodation with pool so that you can be maximum productive and still enjoy a morning swim in the pool. Let’s set a date together!

If you have got another idea about what you would like to do in your holidays just tell us about it and we will organise it for you!