Where and what is Gozo?

The Mediterranen island is located between Sicily and North Africa and boasts with 300 days of sunshine per year. It has fertile land and a lot of fruit, vegetable and vines are cultivated. You can choose from numerous bays to swim or snorkel.

Here are some more points that make Gozo the ideal holiday destination:

Easy travelling as Malta is an EU-member since 2004. The local currency is Euro.

Easy understanding. The official languages are Maltese and English.

Different. The island has a new face in every season. Everytime you discover a new side of the island.

Relax and feel good. Sun-bathing at the beach, walking around the cliffs and watching the sunset over the sea. Doesn’t this sound like pure relaxation?

Diverse. Gozo? Where is that? Gozo is not the typical tourist destination and has something to offer to all kinds of people. Your stay in Gozo might be an active, lazy or simply inspiring one.

Dive into the culture. Malta has been influenced by the most different cultures for over 5500 years. The Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans and later the Knights of St. John and British colonists have influenced the archipel and left their traces.

Learn English. Malta and Gozo are popular destinations for language students. We will be happy to help you in finding a course.

And there is so much more to discover!